Put An End To 404 Errors While Saving You Time, Money And Your Reputation Online



Turn Your "Page Not Found - 404 Errors" into Profits !


Have you seen this when you surf the net ?

- Page Not Found
- The requested URL was not found on this server.

What were the first thoughts that came to your mind ?
Or rather, what did you do ?

  • Did you try again ?
  • Did you try a combination of URLs to find the correct page ?
  • Or did you "Click BACK" and go to another site ?

    Now, if you've reacted similar to this, how often do you i think this happens with your own site ?

    The reality is, you may never know. Why ?

    Well, if someone sees a 404 error, odds are ... They're not coming back.They just won't make the extra effort. And this presents some major problems for your online business.

    FIRST ... These valuable customers are instantly lost without you even realizing it. That means there is money you could be losing on a daily basis.

    SECOND ... The credibility of your online business will be questioned. Most won't bother to contact you if they are not able to get your web page.

    Well, you may say, "It will never happen to me" ... I know, I've said it myself many times, until one fateful day.

    I had answered a question on a forum (June 2002) and made a blunder in my site's URL !

    No one told me until a good friend happened to see it and emailed me ... I checked my server logs and true enough, I had 73 hits with "404 Not Found" errors - all within 24 hours!

    How many potential customers have I lost ? 73 ! .... It would have been more if my friend hadn't seen my post and alerted me.

    Then I started to monitor my server logs on a daily basis (well, 2 days only) ... I GAVE UP because the amount of data to sift through is staggering !

    I searched the net for some ready made scripts that might help me with this problem, but unfortunately, I could not find any that does what I want.

    That's when I decided to develop my own software to solve this problem ! No way am I going to waste precious time trying to catch 404 Page not found errors ! (Time is money)

    Introducing ... easyClick404 ... The Unique Software That Makes The 404 Error A Thing Of The Past!


    "Adrian, this is dynamite! Many marketers are losing thousands of dollars by displaying ugly, unfriendly 404 pages. You've found a great solution to this problem!

    I love how your script tries to guess the correct page, and forwards the visitor to it!

    I also love how it emails the webmaster with the bad link AND the referring page so that the bad link can be fixed quickly and easily!

    Your script will save me hours of work and thousands of dollars in sales... what a bargain!

    Excellent work, my friend!"

    Best Regards,
    Neil Shearing, Ph.D.

    Here's how this miracle script works

    Let's assume that you've just launched your latest and greates product, and you sent a solo mail to your list of 20,000+ subscribers.

    Your URL is: http://www.killer-ezine.com/widget.shtml

    You wait expectantly for the sales to come in ... BUT nothing happens !
    What is going on ?

    Without realising it, you've made a tiny spelling error in your URL ... Hundreds of people are clicking to your site BUT this is what greeted them:

    Error 404 - Page NOT FOUND !

    Oops ... potential loss of sales ! Would the prospective customer try another URL ? Perhaps, but it' unlikely. However, let's assume that in this case he's very interested in your product. He tries again:

    Error 404 - Page NOT FOUND !

    You would have lost a sale and a potential life-long customer !

    However, with this nifty script, this problem WON'T even exist ! Consider the following erroneous URLs:

  • widget.html
  • widget.htm
  • widget.s.html
  • widget.s.htm
  • widget.php
  • widget.s.php
  • If someone clicks on ANY of the URLs above, they WILL be re-directed to the correct page (i.e. http://www.killer-ezine.com/widget.shtml)

    You will also receive an email alert so that you can fix the problem immediately. See a sample below:

                             	Date: 17-07-2002[05:56:34]
                             	User requests - http://www.easybiztools.com/test/dummy.html was not found !
                             	User Details:
                             	IP addr:203.119.xx.xx
                             	Browser:Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 5.0; Windows 98) 
                             	Referred by: http://www.fortheclueless.com/testlink.html
                             	Visitor was re-directed to http://www.easybiztools.com/test/dummys.shtml
                             	Error Code: 404
    Of course, this is just one of its nifty features.

    Internet guru Harvey Segal mentioned that this unique feature alone is worth the entire price of this script ! Look around if you like, but there is nothing else on the market now that has the same features or does what this script can for you.

    Thanks to a new script, I've been finding valuable traffic trying to reach old pages of my site which are no longer there. An instant Email alerts me to the problem.

    And if you think YOU will never have a broken link, consider this.

    You can't stop other people mistyping your Urls, particularly if you publish offline. You may think a mistyped Url in your local paper, for example, would mean ZERO visitors, but miraculously easyClick404 comes to the rescue.

    Another brilliant tool from Adrian Ling

    Harvey Segal


    Ok, Tell me in Plain Language How this Script will Help My Business ...

    When You Place an Ezine Ad. Imagine paying $300 for an ad in a top-notch newsletter with over 50,000 targeted subscribers - without realizing you've made a typo in your resource URL !

    Ok, you may say you're very careful and have double-checked everything ... BUT, is it possible that the editor might make a mistake when he inserts your ad ? It might have been a very long day for him, ... he's very sleepy and tired ...

    The question to ask is, "Would you know if no one tells you ?"

    When Your Affiliate Places an Ezine Ad. The same scenario above could happen to your affiliates. Now, imagine how your affiliate will feel when you emailed her and say,

    "You've mis-typed the URL (widget.htm) in the ad, BUT I've temporarily created a new file ( widget.html ) with .html extension instead of .htm so that you won't lose any sales !"

    Guess what ? You will have an extremely loyal affiliate for life, and news about you will spread like wild fire !

    When You Write and Submit an Article. Let's face it, mistakes do happen now and then ... in this case, it is easier to rectify (if the article is on a website) once the mistake is detected ....

    BUT if the article is in the ezine, and now sitting in the mailbox of prospective customers, ... or worse still, if it's off-line publication .... the damage/loss is tremendous !

    When You Post to/Answer discussion forums. I've personally made this mistake more than once ... I've seen others make this mistake when I clicked on their resource URL ...

    What about you ?

    In all the cases above, easyClick404 will alert you the instant it detects an error ! It will also try to guess the correct page and redirect the visitors to it.

    Neil Shearing puts it succinctly,

    "This Script Is A Necessity For Anyone Doing Business Online, Period."

    Comments from Satisfied Customers ...

    Hey Adrian,

    Are you a genius or what? <grin> I just installed your software on one of my sites (www.want2learn.com) and I absolutely love it. I was just testing out some features and wanted to check the refering page option in the emails so I clicked on a few links on my menu.

    To my surprise, I got an email for a 404 error I would have never expected. I had dumbly placed a wrong link in the menu "homejobs.htm" while the real link was homejob.htm -

    But Easy Click 404 got that and seamlessly redirected me - I wonder how many visitors I've lost for that page till now!!! Thank you for this excellent software :-)

    Oh, I really never mentioned the real reason I purchased your software - I recently made some changes to my sites which required me to change my filename extensions to .shtml instead of .htm. Some of my sites have been online for two years now and have good rankings on google and other search engines, so I knew that the changes would affect my rankings a lot. The only option I had till now was to keep the old files online till the new files got spidered. But not anymore.... now that I have Easy Click 404 installed on all my sites, I no longer need to worry about changing file names because your software will redirect my visitors to the proper links! This is certainly a boon for every webmaster :-)

    Thanks so much Adrian :-)

    Pooja Srinivas


    easyClick 404 is THE BEST product I've ever bought!

    Over the years I've bought many products that claimed they would help my business in one way or another. Some do, some don't. But easyClick404 does EVERYTHING you said it would and more!

    Since I installed easyClick404 (which was a snap, even for a technophobe like me) I know EVERY TIME my site is spidered or someone can't find a page they need.

    Since our site has been online since 1998, and undergone many changes, 404s were becoming a real problem. Not any more! Since I bought easyClick404 I haven't had one complaint! Better still, I can see what pages are problems so I can fix them.

    I wholeheartedly recommend easyClick404 to any web site owner who wants to make their site friendlier and wants to KNOW, now wonder, what is really happening behind the scenes with their site.

    Congratulations, Adrian, this is a SUPER product!

    Charlie Page
    http://www.charliepage.com Copywriting That Gets Results!

    "There was one occasion when a customer couldn't access my bonus reports. I knew right away from an email that came from the easyClick404 what he was trying to access.

    Before he even responded to complain, I was there to give him the reports via email. The customer was was so grateful.

    It made me look like a real pro. I couldn't imagine my site without your software now!"

    Bryan Honesty,

    "Adrian-- I knew I should be using a 404 redirection device, but I just couldn't face having to wrestle with my server logs. Not only did you make the basic part easy, the -surprise- features made it impossible -not- to do! Suddenly I see how empowered this little script can make -me- ...

    Thanks for being such a far-sighted programmer!"

    Sherry Gordon,

    Can you believe I had it install within minutes of downloading??!! Heh, I read the manual AFTER installing it. You just can't get any easier than that! EXCELLENT JOB!!

    Edward Gause,
    Internet Marketing for Beginners

    "Adrian, what a fantastic idea! Thanks so much for creating such a versatile script. I checked the logs from my busiest site and I was surprised at how many visitors went to the wrong pages on my site. This is guaranteed to boost my income from those lost visitors ... can't thank you enough for that.

    Keep up the great work and I am looking forward to hearing about your next script... they always seem to just what I am looking for!"

    Eva Almeida,

    "Adrian, since you installed it, the script has generated several emails titled "404 error at nichemarketingexplained.com" and it took me a while to figure out what was going wrong. See, I'd had the site hosted elsewhere until recently -- and in the transfer it looks like one page somehow didnt make it. That was what was triggering this alert.

    Well, now I've transferred the missing page and it's all fixed.

    Without easy404, I may never have known!

    PLUS... I'm loving getting all those emails telling me that "Your site has been spidered". I'm amazed at how often these little critters are visiting my site, so I've checked again that the outgoing links are in place (so as to maximise my search engine visibility, of course).

    Brilliant script, Adrian!

    Gary Harvey

    "EasyClick404 is simply awesome. Within seconds of installation I was receiving error messages about old pages that had been removed from my site... and you know what is incredible... many of those "old" non-existent pages are STILL indexed in the search engines!!!

    Now easyClick404 instantly tells me what I need to fix so I can profit from my existing search engine rankings. I owe you debt of gratitude!"

    Rob Taylor

    "Adrian - I absolutely love 404. Frankly it's just what everyone's website has been waiting for. It's rather like having my own little secret agent sitting on my website and if ever my customer encounters a problem, it emails straight back with a report. I can then get to put it right and I look very professional in the customers eyes too.

    Your 404 package is simply a must have and I won't be building any further websites without it!"

    Michael Green

    By the way, I love the easyClick404 Software. I was really surprised to see all of the bad URLs that were being used to access my site. Having all of these re-directed to good pages surely should help sales. Keep up the good work.

    Alvin Crisp

    Just to let you know the program is now working great! I just found out why one of the most poplar webpage on my site suddenly dropped to almost nothing the last several months...

    I couldn't figure it out.....several months ago I changed the spelling of the page but Google still has not made the change...they are still sending people to the old page, which of course, can not be found. Wow, but your program sends them on to the correct page....great program!

    Bob Janeway,

    System Requirement
    There're only 2, your host/server must support:

    • PHP 4.2.x or higher.
    • Your host/server must support "Custom 404 pages" (ie. htaccess support)
    • Works on Unix/Linux servers only, not Microsoft Windows NT/2000

    So How Much Is It Going to Cost To Get This Amazing Script Working For You ?

    No long build up here, you get ALL this for only $37.75 ! I think it is a fair amount to ask, but you be the judge ...

    What would it cost you if you lose 30, 50, 100, or 1000 potential customers ? Consider the lifetime value of your potential customers - $10, $50, $100, $500 ?

    Not possible you say ? Would you know for sure ? Why not eliminate the guesswork completely ?

    "Adrian, I'm embarrassed to admit that easyClick404 has already alerted me to DOZENS of problems on one of my sites. It even told me about a couple of errors in Overture links.

    It's hard to calculate what that information is worth BUT it's a heck of a lot more than the price you're asking.

    Thank you!

    Allan Gardyne

    ( read the full write-up in his newsletter here )


    Take advantage of the low, low price today ... build your credibility online and prevent lost sales !

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    Only $37.75

    Special Bonus Tips

    Included with this package is a special bonus tips report showing you some amazing things you can do with easyClick404, for example:

    Use easyClick404 as an ad-tracker. Have you ever used an ad-tracker to track responses in a forum ? Some people may not appreciate the fact that you're tracking them ... this report will show you how to track their responses WITHOUT them knowing it !

    Ever wondered if someone is trying to steal your info-products ? Wonder no more ! This report tells you how to know for sure and how to take appropriate steps to make your download page more secure !

    Find out when Search-Engine robots will crawl and "spider" your site. Is this important ? Yes, especially if you're writing a new sales copy or a new site. You would want to ensure that they are up in time for the robot to "spider" the pages.

    Satisfaction Guarantee

    Your satisfaction is our utmost priority. We want you to be 101% satisfied with our products. Try it for a full 90 days and if at any time you're not happy with our products, just email us with your receipt number and we will cheerfully refund you. No questions asked.



    p.s. A friend reminded me of his experience. He encountered a 404 error from one big time online marketer. He emailed him to fix the problem. The office staff emailed back...said thanks, it's fixed. But guess what ... my friend never went back to the site. Till this day he doesn't remember what url he was interested in.

    And that's the bottom line. He became a statistic. Another lost customer with money in hand. Don't let this happen to you ! Order your copy today

    Only $37.75 ...
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